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About Solveig


My name is Solveig, and I am an artist inspired by visions, dreams, and the subconscious. My work is an alternative healing method that provides you with a painting to remind you of your strength, all that you have overcome, and your ability to tap into that power whenever you need to at any time. I use traditional painting techniques (acrylic, watercolor), drawings, and sometimes digital painting to help bring visions from other people’s awareness into art. I celebrate this form of art as bringing the shadows into light and this is liberating because it gives more power to be able to understand the subconscious. I allow the energy, experiences, and the subconscious of the subject flow through my hands and into a piece of art that depicts and celebrates their shadow work. My past clients have benefited from this technique because it allows them to get back in the driver’s seat of their subconscious (their dreams, desires, and fears) and how that manifests consciously. It’s an empowering avenue to self-mastery through art.

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What exactly does this look like?

  • Selling and doing original artwork commissions,

  • Sitting down together and you allow me to create a commemorative piece in honor of the inner work you’ve done,

  • Allowing me to facilitate an inner journey for you and paint a piece to commemorate that experience, or

  • We go through the inner journey together, and you create artwork yourself from your experience.

  • Rune paintings

  • More!

My Art + Professional Background:

  • In high school, I took an interest in psychedelics and lucid dreaming, all the while being in art classes, in which I felt the most at home. I had a business in college, even, called Lucid Artistry

  • Earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education from Concordia College

  • Received a research grant to study Zen Buddhism in South Korea.

  • 3 Years teaching art in public school

  • Attended sailing school in South Africa and worked on sailing yachts in the Caribbean until 2020.

  • Completed the ReWilding program with Sabrina Lynn

  • Completed studies at Vitra Academy


Outside of Work:

Outside of this work, I enjoy hiking, live music, and spending time with my daughter. I am also interested in regenerative farming and having high-integrity soil and permaculture. And of course, growing in my spirituality: frequencies, meditation, and exploring my Nordic roots.

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